UFX Entry Strategy

(3 customer reviews)


1. Strategy Tool Box
2. Selecting Pairs
3. Applying the Strategy
4. Finding an Entry  (Areas of Interest)
5. Confluences
6. Entering a Position.
7. Moving Target Principle
8. Pre – Entry Checks
9. Range, Stop Loss and Spreads
10. Building a Trade Plan
11. Daily Work Sheet
12. Risk Assessment and Target Tool.


3 reviews for UFX Entry Strategy

  1. J Roberts

    Course was very easy to follow and now I know exactly what forex trading is all about

  2. D Brown

    70% success rate in my very first month using the system with a 22% gain

  3. Dan Phillips (verified owner)

    Good little course that shows a decent strategy, and does as advertised and that is to give a daily return of 1-1.5%. There also some nice pointers within the course i now reference daily. All in all good value for the info content.

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